WTCH WLazy J J2 Chipotle Chile RTDsc, DNA-VP

We bought Chile as a 2 year old. I tried to buy her when she was a puppy but was too late and they were all sold.  I was finally able to buy her when she was two.  She had a nice down and fetched nicely.  Even with a little training, I could tell she would make me a good teammate.  We are very excited to have her here living with us. Chile has a very nice pedigree that is an outcross to the dogs we currently have. Her sire, HOF WTCH Crown Point Red Baron WLazy J PATDcs, RTDsc, DNA-VP, comes from the very successful Crown Point lines. He was a very successful stock dog winning the ASCA Duck Finals in 2001 and the Cattle Finals in 1997. He was also the ASCA National Specialty High Combined Stockdog in 1998 and 1999. He was a very talented stock dog who passed his skills down to his kids.

Chile’s mother, WTCH Lor A Golden Zephyr of J2 DNA-CP comes from some old working lines going back to the Silverledge dogs. Chile’s mother was one of the reasons why we were interested in her. We have been looking for a nice working outcross for some time. Zephyr’s old pedigree, combined with the talent of Red Baron, made the purchase of Chile a no brainer.

Chile fit into our household right away. She is a friendly and laid back girl. She loves to work and was soon following me everywhere with the hopes of doing something. When she’s not working, she takes a break on the couch. She is great with kids, but does keep a watchful eye on the place. If anyone comes to the front door, we know about it.

Chile is OFA Good (AS-24521G24F-VPI), Elbow Normal (AS-EL3054F24-VPI), Cerf Normal (AS-9199/2009–33) and DNA-VP.

Chile has very nice stock instinct and is a very biddable dog. She tries very hard to please and is easy to train. She is tough on cattle, but has enough finesse on ducks. At the 2010 Nationals, she won Open ducks in one pre-trial as well as the Nationals.  In 2011, she debuted in Advanced, finished her WTCH easily and also won a silver belt buckle for High Combined at the GAASC Georgia Jubilee.

In 2012, we spent the year earning points towards the ASCA Stock Finals in Bakersfield.  We qualified and took a flight out to compete.  It was a challenging week as our first time in finals as well as flying. Chile didn’t make the cut to the second day of finals, but she did come in 7th in Advanced Sheep out of 50+ dogs.

While accumulating points for the 2013 ASCA Stock Finals, Chile won three High Combined Awards.  The first was a silver belt buckle for High Combined at the GAASC Spring Fling.  The next was a custom collar at the Hoosier April trial in Indiana.  And the third was another silver belt buckle for High Combined at the GAASC fall Jubilee.

In 2013, Chile qualified again for the ASCA Stock Finals in Sheep and Cattle.  We drove out to Colorado to compete.  The conditions were more to Chile’s liking…..large groups of slow moving cattle.  She ended up 10th place for the Sheep Finals and Reserve Champion Cattle Dog!  She was just 25 point (out of 1000) behind the 1st place cattle dog.  I was very pleased with her performance.

Chile continues to work cattle and sheep on a regular basis.  I would’t be able to do my chores without her.

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